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Launch NFT Collection on FEVM Network in 4 clicks.

Link to NFT Deployer: LYNC NFT Deployer is a smart contract deployment platform that allows users to create and deploy their 1/1 NFT, Multiple editions, in-game assets as an NFT, and Entire NFT Collection with gasless transactions in just a few clicks. ERC-721A and ERC-1155 Support:

The platform supports the two most popular NFT standards - ERC-721A and ERC-1155. ERC-721A is ideal for one-of-a-kind digital assets, while ERC-1155 is used for multi-edition or fungible tokens. How to deploy NFT Collection on LYNC NFT Deployer.

  1. Connect your wallet to the NFT Deployer.

  2. Select the type of NFT Collection you want to launch, there are four options:

    1. 1/1 NFT

    2. Multiple Edition

    3. Collection

    4. Web3 Game

LYNC supports FEVM Hyperspace Testnet.

Launch your entire Collection

  1. Choose the type of collection as "Collection"

  2. Provide an image, name, and description that will be displayed on the claimer page, where your community can mint the NFTs.

  3. Enter a Contract name, Contract symbol.

  4. Choose the type of contract based on your needs: ERC-721A for unique NFTs, ERC-1155 for multiple copies, or opt for a gasless contract if you want to cover the gas fees for your users.

  5. Input the token URI of your metadata, which should look like this:


  6. Specify the maximum number of mints allowed per wallet address, the total supply for the collection, and the cost of minting.

  7. Once all the required information is provided, click on "Deploy" to launch your NFT collection.

  8. Once the contract is deployed, you can share the claimer page with your community to allow the minting of NFTs. Claimer page is available under "Your Contracts"

Launch your single-edition or multiple-edition collection

  1. Choose the type of collection as "1/1 NFT" or "Multiple Edition"

  2. Enter a Contract name, Contract symbol.

  3. After providing the necessary details, click on "Deploy" to launch your NFT collection.

Following the contract deployment:

  1. Head to the "Tokens" section and click on "Create."

  2. When creating an NFT, you will be prompted to provide an image, name, description, and other information about the NFT. You can also add properties to the NFT.

  3. Once you have minted your NFTs, you need to link them to your project and integrate them into your game using LYNC SDK.

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