LYNC Portal: Game Launcher

Launch your game in a decentralised environment in a few clicks

Link to LYNC Portal:- LYNC Portal is a decentralized game launcher that allows game developers to launch their games in a decentralized environment and also as NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). This platform provides an easy and seamless way for game developers to deploy and launch their games on the blockchain, providing gamers with a secure and decentralized gaming experience.

On-Chain Gaming Experience:

Gamers can play games on the blockchain without sacrificing their gaming experience. LYNC Portal allows for an on-chain gaming experience, where players can own and trade their in-game assets as NFTs. This opens up a new level of ownership and value for players and provides game developers with new revenue streams.

LYNC Marketplace and Other Marketplaces:

LYNC Portal makes it easy for developers to list their games on the LYNC Marketplace, as well as other marketplaces. This provides a new distribution channel for developers and expands the reach of their games.

Steps to Launch Your Game:

Click on the "Launch Game" button.

Drag and drop the .zip file of your build folder.

Add details such as game name, game description, choose a category, and, add a game thumbnail.

Click on "Upload".

Your game has been uploaded on IPFS. If you want to deploy your game as an NFT, click on "Deploy as NFT". Then, write the contract name and game token symbol. After adding details, click on "Deploy as NFT".

Congratulations, now you can list your game on the LYNC Marketplace and other marketplaces as well. LFG

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