LYNC Marketplace NPM SDK allows anyone to create their own decentralized marketplace, including Buy/Sell and Rent/Lend for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts in a few lines of code.

Steps to setup Marketplace NPM inside any project:

Before intergating the marketplace, we will need to integrate LYNC Wallet SDK

Install Wallet NPM Package: npm i lync-wallet-sdk and set up wallet integration as mentioned here

Once done, We are ready to install LYNC Marketplace NPM Package.

Install NPM Package: npm install @lync/marketplace

Step 1: Create a .env file to store your private keys

Example .env file:


Custom Hooks

List of chains

  • ChainConfig.MATIC_MUMBAI

  • ChainConfig.ETH_GOERLI

  • ChainConfig.ARB_GOERLI

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