Account Abstraction Unity SDK

LYNC X Biconomy Account Abstraction SDK
Account abstractions (AA) revolutionize blockchain gaming by offering a seamless gaming experience akin to Web2 environments. AA simplifies onboarding, eliminates transaction complexities, and introduces features like in-game popups, gasless transactions, and session login.

Get your API Key

Please get your API key before downloading the SDK from here


Import the SDK .unitypackage file to your project. or simply drag and drop .unitypackage file to your project.
Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package
Once the Account Abstraction SDK package has finished importing into your Unity project, you can begin integrating it into your game. To do this, open the Biconomy-Login scene provided by the LYNC - Metamask SDK. Path : Assets -> Scenes
After opening Biconomy-Login scene, Go to LYNCXBiconomyInterface. In the "Inspector" window. You'll need to enter API Key, and domain address and choose chain.


Login to Biconomy Dashboard:
Once done, the dashboard looks like this:
Biconomy Dashboard
Register new paymaster -> Once done copy the API Key
Note: Fill the gas tank with some tokens.
New Paymaster
Pass the API Key in the Interface Game Object:
Domain address: Not required in the local builds, if launching on LYNC Portal: Game Launcher, make sure to pass the API key with the domain as:
To choose the blockchain network, simply go to the Current Chain drop-down menu and pick the network of your preference.
Choose chain
Once the user is logged in their wallet address can be fetched on any scene via

Gasless Transaction

To enable gasless transactions, register the smart contract.
Once done, you can pass in the contract address, ABI, and function name in the "GaslessTrx" scene.
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